Our story

We’re a small group of friends who come together to share our Vietnamese culture and love of food. Taking a leap of faith to give life to our long overdue dream, we’re excited to bring the authentic Vietnamese street food experience to Glebe with our little personal touches.

And we’re incredibly proud to introduce you to our ‘Banh mi’, the first chapter of our journey.

Bread migrated to Vietnam as early as the 17th century under French influence. It used to be exclusive due to the limited wheat supply. Since the late 1950s, in Saigon, shops started to put ingredients in the bread so that people could carry them and eat on the go. Not for long, banh mi has become a stable part of daily meals in Vietnam. And now it has been recognised everywhere in the world.

Banh Mi dee! is here to bring you the ultimate banh mi experience.

It all starts with the distinguished Vietnamese baguettes that are crispy outside and fluffy inside. The bread is accompanied by a generous spread of our special homemade pรขtรฉ and mayonnaise. Following is a variety of delicious and aromatic protein fillings that are carefully prepared to elevate your palate. All these are embraced in the freshness and crunchiness of carefully selected lettuce and pickles. Finally, our banh mi finishes off with a splash of soy sauce dressing and ready to go!

Don’t just read. Come and try it yourself!